Monday, July 27, 2015

'Transportation is a precise business.'

The machine was in much better condition than the Baywatch. Nothing was missing, the playfield was dirty but looked in immaculate condition underneath the grime and joy of joy, after flicking the switch, the Judge woke up into life! It had some problems, but despite sitting in a dirty garage for just short of a decade in hibernation, Dredd was very much still alive. Here was my future project.

My wife had sort of, kind of, tentatively given me the green light to get a machine at some point. I would remind her and apologise when I got home! As for the money, he had no idea what it was worth (And I didn’t either), however he was starting a new business and for my sins, I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I agreed to create him a logo, brochure and various other stuff for his new venture in exchange. I have worked for money, food, booze and sex. Well, maybe not that last one, but now I would be working for a old, slightly broken pinball machine.

My car is a Ford Falcon station wagon. A preposterous example of Aussie automotive excess that I acquired due to some friends going back to the UK and needing to sell their car. We were in the market for a second vehicle and it was beneficial for us and them to take it off their hands for a song. Outside of garden centre trips and dog walks, the vacuous space within this hearse of a vehicle is completely superfluous to requirement. Today however, was the white whale's day to shine and earn its keep. Needless to say Moby's boot swallowed The Judge with no problems whatsoever. 

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