Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cosplaying as Barry Scott

I put an all '80s playlist on, rolled up my sleeves and became a reluctant cleaning machine. I spent a good half an hour scrubbing away eight years of garage dirt in my own movie montage. Def Leppard's 'Run Riot' was a definite highlight.

What? I'm from Sheffield, you have to like The 'Lepp – it's the law.
Failure to comply means th'coppers come round 'n nick yer Hendo's. 

I'm was happy with the result. I didn't do the inside of the machine at this stage because... well, I'll explain that very soon.

Then after a lot of pushing, pulling and indoor language, the 140kg beast was in the house! No, not in the the living room (Apparently that's not an appropriate place for it!). The options I was given by the boss was that it was either to live in the garage or in my study. The former was certainly a lot easier, but it's rather dirty and dusty in there and would certainly get rather cramped what with all of the garden paraphernalia and of course, the car. Oh and several redback spiders live in there too. So I decided it was worth the time, effort and backache to get it into the safe, warm and arachnid-free utopia of my study. I refuse to call it a 'man-cave' as I am not a complete arsehole.

Of course, I'll not get any useful work done at all now...

Fun fact: the front and rear legs look the same, but are in fact very slightly different in design.
Enough to completely mess up the stability if got wrong. Which I did.
I really wish I'd tagged them whilst I removed them to get the machine into the car.

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